I was always good in school. I was at the top of my class in high school, got a full academic scholarship to college, and continued on the same path until graduation.

Then, I got a good job and climbed the ladder a bit, only to find myself relatively miserable years later.

At first, I blamed my bosses, company culture, and the city I lived in (NYC) for being full of distractions.

I blamed everything, but myself…because it couldn’t possibly have been my fault. I had been a straight-A student, I just wasn’t being used to my full potential.

And wow, was I wrong.

I eventually decided to venture out on my own and start my own business. I took…

Installing Apple Carplay in F60 2017 Mini Countryman
Installing Apple Carplay in F60 2017 Mini Countryman

TLDR; For $250, IT IS POSSIBLE to add Apple Carplay to an F60 Mini Countryman. Just buy the NBT version of this unit from AliExpress and watch this tutorial on YouTube.

So if you’re like me, you found a great deal on a 2017 F60 Mini Countryman. It has everything you want options wise…except it doesn’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto. And now you’re researching to figure out if you can add it so you don’t have to spend $5k more on a newer model with the navigation package.

Google’s search results aren’t the best for this…hence why I’m…

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After a decade of struggling with depression, I knew I had to try something new. After reading ending self-help books and talking to psychologists and behavior change experts, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to make mental health a team sport…and the Mental Health League was born.

What is the MHL?

It’s a social mental health tracking app that helps you beat isolation, stay motivated, and improve your mental health each and every day.

How’s it work?

Every day, you’ll fill out a scorecard that states whether you won or lost the day and why. This…

Learn more at mentalhealthleague.com ›

After a decade of trying to manage the ups and downs of my bipolar and ADHD alone, I knew I needed to try something new.

Therapy was great, but I couldn’t afford to do it more than a few times a month.

Meditation and other mental health apps were helpful, but as soon as I got to a better place, I’d stop using them until I started spiraling again.

I needed accountability.

Digging into psychology on accountability, I found that people who workout with friends can often achieve similar results as they would with a trainer because they hold each…

Written by MHL Coach Wade

Every school year begins with a rush of anxiety, stress, and maybe a little bit of dread thinking about what is to come. All students have felt these feelings before an exam or before completing an important assignment. Although a healthy dose of stress can sometimes motivate and push us to new heights it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In the Mental Health League we promote using different tools and techniques or as we call them game-plans in order to maintain a sense of calm and keep improving on our mental health even through stressful times in our lives. …

Guest post written by MHL Coach Lia

Making your mental health a priority is a little challenging when you’re juggling classes, a job, a social life, and oh yeah…a global pandemic! 🤹🏻 Life of a college student these days is really not conducive to fitting in self-care. You might tell yourself skipping your 8am class or going out on a Tuesday night is your special “treat” and a way to boost your mental health, but we all know it’s just a temporary bandaid. The reality is…making your mental health a priority requires commitment, intention, and honesty. 💯

But aside from carving out the time, overcoming the stigma…

Mental health is just like pulling weeds.
Mental health is just like pulling weeds.

Last week, I read a mental health metaphor that really hit home. It comes from my teammate on the Anxietees in the Mental Health League, a mental health community that gives people the daily motivation, training, and team support.

“I learned valuable lessons from pulling weeds today that apply to mental health. Pull them early and often. They compete for space and resources much like an unwanted thought competes for your mind’s attention. Pull the entire weed including the root or else it comes back bigger and stronger (similar to addressing a trigger vs an underlying cause). Leave dormant weeds…

The Mental Health League is hiring!

Love sports? Big fan of helping others? You’re in luck because the MHL is hiring for everything from team coaches to designers.

About the MHL

The MHL is on a mission to make mental health a team sport, giving people the motivation, accountability, and education they need to compete against their invisible opponents. Combining technology with community care, we’re working to bridge the gap between in-person therapy and tech-only apps to provide a new form of effective, affordable mental healthcare.

Psychological Advisors

Part-Time, Remote

We’re looking for psychologists to add to our advisory team. These advisors will help inform product decisions to make sure everything…

Alright team huddle up. Let’s be honest. 2020 is a nightmare. It’s just one unprecedented crisis after another, each of which gets you feeling some type of way and throws you further from your original game plan. It’s been brutal for just about everyone, not to mention those dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.

But no fear, there is hope. I’ve discovered this one magic trick that will calm your even the most triggered soul in just five quick minutes.

Just kidding. There ain’t no quick fixes with mental health. Quit playin’ yourself.

But I do have…

🧠 So a while back we launched @mentalhealthleague as an apparel brand to help end the stigma. While it was great, a few months after launch I was once again struggling with depression, and in that sad state I found a deeper purpose for how we could help others.

You see when I was depressed, I decided to keep a scorecard to track my moods and journal if I’d won or lost the day to help dig into the causes and try and fight my way out of it. Within a month, I’d learned so much. Like if I spent time…

Mike Vosters

Nomadic entrepreneur, developer, & mental health advocate. Founder @MentalHealthLge. Talking about tech, startups, and living with ADHD and Bipolar Type II.

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